Hundley Family Update

2012 Hundley Family New Year ‘s Update

My family used to mail out a newsletter every Christmas to all of our close friends and family updating them on what we had been up to the year prior.  As my brother and I went off to college, it got harder to get the necessary information from everyone — and the requisite family photo — in time for a “Christmas” newsletter, and eventually the letters came to a halt.

This year, depsite the fact that my family spans the globe and thus there was no traditional “Christmas” in the Hundley household, we felt it was important to compile a brief update for those interested — particularly in light of the drastic changes some of us have had in our lives (*cough, cough*).  If you would like to download a PDF of our 2012 Hundley Family New Year’s Update, please click here.  Please pardon the typos!


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