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Gâteau de crêpes on the web log

April 13th, 2011 | Rachel

I’ve started noticing a few side effects of web-logging (sounds more sophisticated than blogging).

For starters, I’ve become one of those people who talks about their blog.  “I was working on an entry for my blog the other day…” or “I don’t know if you’ve seen the latest update on my blog…” or “Please please please visit my blog so my Google Analytics report will make me feel good about myself….”

I’ve also started talking to myself… even more than usual.  I find myself constantly having conversations with myself in my head about ideas for posts or what to write about a particular subject or how to say it.  This is most prevalent when I am cooking.  And, since many of these recipes take four hours to complete, I’ve had plenty of time to hash all of this out ahead of time.

Unfortunately, these helpful voices cease as soon as I turn on my laptop…

… like right now.


Maybe I should just stick to showing you photos of my food.

Tonight I created a savory gâteau de crêpes.  I was previously only aware of dessert crêpe cakes, but Julia Child prefers cheese sauces and spinach and ham fillings.

Everything you need for perfect crêpes

According to Julia, the easiest way to make a smooth crêpe batter is to throw it all in a blender.  I don’t own a blender, so I used the food processor.  The results were excellent.

Set-up for making crêpes

The recipe calls for approximately 25 6.5″ crêpes

The filling begins with a light cheese sauce, part of which is mixed with sauteed ham or blanched spinach

This recipe was definitely a labor of love.  I started around 7:00 pm and was still assembling crêpes at 11:00 pm.  Julia says crêpes freeze very well, so the next time I have an hour to spare, I just might cook up 30 or 60 crêpes to freeze and use at a later date.

Behold, the gâteau de crêpes.  It was magnificent.

Twenty five layers of deliciousness

The cake looks small (its only 6.5″ in diameter), but it is so rich that the servings should be pretty small.  This would make an excellent lunch or first dinner course for six people.

Now that this is finished, I am starting to think I should have come up with some great life metaphor about layers.  Ah well.