{Thankful November} 30: You!

January 5th, 2012 | Rachel

Join me in the comments or on your own blog as I give thanks every day this month.

Thanks for celebrating the season of Thanksgiving with me (since I have managed to stretch it into two months).  After this, I will get back to the regularly scheduled program of updating you on the Big Move and my developing business plans.  Did I mention I have a logo picked out?

It is going to be an exciting year, to say the least, and I am so thankful you are going to share the journey with me.  If you haven’t already, scroll to the bottom of this page and subscribe to my emails.  Otherwise, keep checking back and leave me a comment whenever you feel so inclined.

As a recap, here are the things I have been specifically thankful for during my Thankful November:

1. The Basics

2. My Family

3. MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

4. Pie

5. Coffee

6. Sleep

7. Information

8. Progress

9. My Bike

10. My Guitar

11. Productivity

12. Days Off

13. City Sounds

14. Down Comforters

15. 30 Rock (And Tine Fey)

16. NYC Public Transportation System

17. Fall Leaves

18. Neighborhood Bars

19. Friends

20. Socks

21. Smells

22. Education

23. Discomfort

24. Steve

25. Thanksgiving… And Other People- And Food-Focused Holidays

26. A Great Haircut

27. Shoes

28. Grandmothers

29. New York

30. YOU!

4 Responses to “{Thankful November} 30: You!”

  1. Caroline McC says:

    Rachel, I have so enjoyed your Thankful posts. Such a great idea! Especially the love letter to New York…I feel like I should have written one to Asheville before we left. Good luck with the big move!

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